Our goal with our videos is to simply share information with you, so you can have a better understanding of how Perry Law Firm can help and assist you with your Estate Planning & Elder Law issues.

Living Trust, Power of Attorney, Second marriage, Children from a previous marriage, Nursing Home issues and much, much … more.

A succession is the legal process of transferring ownership from the “Estate” of a person who has died to the person or people that is legally entitled to the property and/or assets of the deceased person. Without a succession true legal ownership does not transfer.

A Will simply tells the court “This is what I have and this is who I want it to go to.” If you pass away without a Will the court then steps up and says, “We see what you have but you didn’t do a Will”, so the courts says where you property and assets go.

Waiting to do a succession can cause issues for families. The value on property & assets are based on the date of death value, not on the date of filing of the succession.

A succession can be a very emotional time for families. Often times the succession process is “put off” for extended period of times simply because the family or surviving spouse does not want to deal with the emotions of the legal process. YOU CAN AVOID THE SUCCESSION PROCESS!

If you have inherited property, can you set up your estate planning to avoid the succession and also make sure the your kids get the property you inherited and that has been in your family for decades? The answer is … YES.

11 kids … how to avoid the succession for both parents and distribute all property and assets in equal portions .. fast, easy and cheaper than what you think.